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Individual Safe Deposit Boxes

Box SizeTariff
1 50х320х230 mm UZS 18 000 
2 75х320х230 mm UZS 30 000
3 125х320х230 mm UZS 42 000
4 175х320х230 mm UZS 48 000
5 300х320х230 mm UZS 60 000

Penalty for the storage of valuables in the bank's storage with a compulsory
deposit box opening

3 times the size of the fixed monthly rent


Penalty for loss and / or breakage of the key from the deposit box

UZS 74 800
* Note:

A customer may pay the rent fee in advance.


Safe deposit boxes are designed to store of cash, jewelry, securities, documents, works of art, electronic media, and other valuable belongings that do not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The bank guarantees the integrity and security of the valuables accepted for storage in the safe deposit boxes. This service is available for residents and non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

All safety deposit boxes are located in a specially equipped premises of the Bank. Safety deposit boxes’ facilities are equipped with the most modern means of protection and guarded round the clock, which completely eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access.

The Bank guarantees the confidentiality of the owner's name and the contents of a safety deposit box. The client has the right to authorize the use of safety deposit box by trusted persons.