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Microloan is a new service for Ipak Yuli Bank natural persons. With it, clients can get a loan for any purpose: to pay for goods and services directly from the card, to withdraw cash at ATMs, or limitlessly convert into foreign currency.

 Lending terms and conditions:

  • Loans are issued in 24 hours in any branch of the bank;
  • A client only needs to provide their passport, income statement, and an Ipak Yuli Bank card;
  • Microloans are issued under the guarantee of a natural person (a guarantor is required to provide their passport and income statement);
  • Loan term: 24 months;
  • Loan limit: 100 MWR;
  • Interest rate: 30% per annum (subject to timely payment, interest payments for the period of the microloan shall not exceed 15.2% of the amount of the microloan).
  • The maximum amount of the microloan provided is determined on the basis of the provided income statement and current credit obligations of the recipient of the microloan.