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UnionPay Gold

UnionPay is China's national payment system and the largest card system in the world issuing UnionPay cards. In China cards of payment systems Visa and MasterCard are accepted only at 20% of ATMs and terminals but almost 100% of payment devices accept UnionPay cards. Moreover, cash advances and payments for goods and services with Visa and MasterCard cards are subject to low limit restrictions and high tariffs. However, the same payment transactions with UnionPay cards are available wherever in China offering minimal tariffs and no cash advance limits.

In addition to China, UnionPay cards are accepted in over 168 countries worldwide, particularly, at over 1 million ATMs. A wide network of card acceptance is available in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA, France, Germany, Malaysia, Turkey, Korea, Japan, and Australia.

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Benefits of UnionPay Classic cards issued by Ipak Yuli Bank:

  • Security deposit – Zero;
  • A card shall be issued within one day upon receiving a customer’s application (at Tashkent branches);
  • SMS notification service and online access to customer personal accounts to view his/her card account movements;
  • 24-hour Bank customer assistance service at: +998 71 140 69 00.
  • Up to 10% discounts in 100 duty free shops at the airports in 28 countries. Learn more ...

Card Features:

  • Purchases at contact terminals;
  • ATM cash advance.