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Extended Warranty Program - Insurance Service for Visa Platinum cardholders:

Eligible for Visa Platinum.

Visa Company provides extra 24-month warranty period, in addition to a warranty period provided by a manufacturer when purchasing with a Visa Platinum card.

  • Purchased items must be acquired for personal use only and fully (100%) paid with a Visa Platinum card;
  • The company’s warranty should cover a period for not less than 24 months.
  • The Visa Extended Warranty comes into force on the day following the expiry date of the original company’s warranty.
  • The item should be purchased at a retailer registered in the country of cardholder’s residence, the purchased item should be officially on sale in the country of cardholder’s residence and have an official warranty in the country of cardholder’s residence.

The Extended Warranty Program is valid for purchases worth more than USD 50.00 and in the case of insurance event Visa shall cover repair or replacement costs for total amount up to USD 5,000 per item but not more than USD 7,500 within a year.

For more information, please contact at: +998 71 140 69 00.