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Purchase Protection Program

Eligible for Visa Platinum.

In case of purchase with Visa Platinum, a cardholder shall be fully secured against a theft, damage or loss due to force majeure.

  • 100% purchase must be paid with Visa Platinum;
  • In case of damage of a purchased item, the losses shall be covered within 90 days from the date of purchase;
  • For covering the repair cost of a purchased item, the repair shall be done at repair workshops approved by an insurance company;
  • Theft of purchased item shall be reported to the police within 48 hours from the time of discovery.

The Purchase Protection Program shall be valid for purchases worth more than USD 50.00, and in case of an insurance event, Visa shall cover the purchase worth up to USD 5,000 per item but not more than USD 7,500 per event and not more than USD 20,000 within a year.

For more information, please contact at: +998 71 140 69 00.