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Bank Operations on the Securities Market

One of the strategic businesses of Ipak Yuli Bank since its foundation is issuance, investment, dealing and brokerage activities on the securities market. At present Ipak Yuli Bank is one of the biggest and leading investors and professional traders of the securities market, providing a wide range of securities related services.

Ipak Yuli Bank provides the following kinds of the stock market services for both legal entities and natural persons:

  • Provide mediation services for placement of free funds of legal entities and natural persons on the financial markets (stock market brokerage);

  • Issue and sell own debt securities, such as corporate bonds for legal entities, deposits (savings) certificates for legal entities and natural persons;

  • Underwriting and payment agent services for issuer’s guaranteed stock securities placement;

  • Market making services to make both way quotations of issuer’s stock securities;

  • REPO (repurchase agreement) stock market deals;

  • Prepare a pack of issuer’s documents to register securities issues;

  • Client’s investment portfolio management consulting

Investments and Brokerage

  1. Stock market investments and brokerage

    At present Ipak Yuli Bank is one of the largest investors on the securities market, which is an investor on the local joint-stock companies securities market, as well as on the debt securities market, such as corporate bonds and deposit certificates of banks. Since February 2007 the Bank's shares have been included into “A” group listing of Tashkent stock exchange.

    Since 1997 Ipak Yuli Bank has been an active player on the securities market, offering both dealing and brokerage services to its clients.

    The bank provides brokerage services to legal entities and natural persons via its own brokerage office, enabling the Bank to significantly reduce operational costs for bank customers.

  2. The issuance and sale of own debt securities, such as corporate bonds for legal entities, deposit (savings) certificates for legal entities and natural persons

    The Bank’s main securities market financial instruments are as follows:

    • Shares
    • Corporate bonds
    • Deposit (saving) certificates.

    Ipak Yuli Bank is an active issuer who annually issues debt securities such as deposit certificates and corporate bonds, that give to legal entities the opportunity to invest their funds into profitable, secure and liquid Bank corporate bonds. Since 2008 the Bank has issued and sold 5 times corporate bonds for total amount of UZS 23.21 bln, and 23 times deposit certificates for total amount of UZS 38.01 bln.

  3. Underwriting and payment agent services for guaranteed placement of issuer’s stock securities

    Underwriting is to provide services on issuance arrangement and/or guaranteed placement of securities according to the terms and conditions determined by the agreement between the underwriter (underwriters) and an issuer. An underwriter is an investment mediator or commercial bank doing underwriting.

    The Bank offers corporate securities placement to companies needing external borrowings. For this purpose, the Bank provides a comprehensive approach: from choosing the optimal parameters to issue securities, prepare the client’s securities issuance prospect, circulation and up to selling to investors.

    As an underwriter. Ipak Yuli Bank takes responsibility to undertake all possible and necessary actions to sell all issued securities at the best prices and as quickly as possible, taking into consideration all stock market business opportunities and disclosure of information on the issued securities.

  4. Market making by making both way quotations of an issuer’s stock securities

    A market-maker is an investment intermediary, included into the official market-makers list, who has taken the responsibility to regularly announce and make both way quotations of particular type securities and to take all other responsibilities related to such services at the organized stock exchange or other stock markets.

    In order to make both way quotations of issuer’s stock securities, the Bank acts as a market maker on the debt market as well as one of the major arrangers of primary placements of corporate debt.

  5. REPO Deals

    REPO is a purchase and sale of securities with the condition of their repurchase.

    The Bank has extensive experience in providing financial services to companies due to Repo deals. Repo deals are considered by initiators as a fast and optimal financing option and alternative option for lending. The Bank evaluates proposed securities and their issuer in terms of liquidity, company sustainability, profitability and solvency. The bank buys securities for up to one year term. Interest rates on these deals are equivalent to valid loan interest rates on deal value date.

  6. Prepare a pack of documents to register securities issues

    Ipak Yuli Bank provides a full range of services to perform due diligence of the issuer’s securities, prepare primary documents to register of securities issue, to get state registration of securities issue by an authorized body and the central depository.

  7. Investment portfolio management consulting

    The Bank has achieved a high level of customer service by providing analytical information and advisory services on investment strategy and investment efficiency. Taking into consideration individual needs of each client, the Bank design terms and conditions of a client’s investment portfolio management agreement as well as determine the areas of cooperation.

  8. Depository Services

    Ipak Yuli Bank can help you to invest your funds into profitable and liquid securities (corporate bonds and deposit certificates) issued by Ipak Yuli Bank and other joint-stock companies.

    Ipak Yuli Bank’s tariffs on securities services for legal entities and natural persons:

    Underwriting and payment agent’s services on guaranteed placement of securities

    1-2% of an amount of placed securities

    Preparation of issuer’s documents to register the issue of his securities

    Min 0.1% of the issuance amount

    Investment portfolio management consulting

    Subject to agreement

    Securities brokerage services

    Subject to agreement