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There are four committees governed by the Supervisory Board, which are responsible for due diligence of issues related to the strategic and controlling functions of the Supervisory Board.

The Remuneration Committee is a collaborative body governed by the Supervisory Board of the Bank. The purpose of the Committee is to give recommendations to the Supervisory Board to create and manage the efficient, transparent and well-structured remuneration system for the members of the Supervisory Board, Revisory Committee, other Committees governed by the Supervisory and Executive Boards, as well as the Bank staff payroll system.

The Corporate Governance Committee is a collaborative consultative body governed by the Supervisory Board. The purpose of the Committee is to give recommendations to the Supervisory Board to create an efficient corporate governance system in compliance with the international standards, enabling the Bank to develop an efficient system of interaction between the governing bodies and structural units, to guarantee the protection of the shareholders’ rights and interests, to increase the investment attractiveness of securities, to ensure credit ratings upgrades, to reduce borrowings costs, to increase levels of profitability, stability and transparency of the Bank's activities in general.

The Audit Committee shall assess Bank operations, some of its structural units and actions of officers in terms of compliance with the valid Uzbek laws, the Central Bank regulations, the Bank internal policies, regulations and procedures, as well as analyze and evaluate the effectiveness and adequacy of the internal controls system, risk management, and internal audit procedures.

The Risk Management Committee assists the Supervisory Board to execute its regulating and supervising functions in terms of controlling, developing and improving the existing risk management system of the Bank as well as analyzing risk assessment related to the Bank activities.

There also four more committees governed by the Executive Board:

The Credit Committee

The Resources Management Committee

The Investment Committee

These committees function according to the approved regulations and are responsible for approving active operations, setting up internal limits, attracting resources, investing into securities and performing control functions.

The Bank shall in a timely manner disclose full and accurate information, including financial position, economic indicators, ownership structure in in order to enable the Bank shareholders and investors to make justified decisions.