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Bodies of the Bank Corporate Governance:

  • General Shareholders Meeting
  • The Supervisory Board
  • The Executive Board

The General Shareholders Meeting is the supreme governing body of the Bank.

The Revisory Committee controls the financial and business activities of the Bank.

The Supervisory Board is responsible for general management of the Bank, except for decision making related to the exclusive competence of the general shareholders meeting as ruled by the Charter. The responsibilities of the Supervisory Board include the following functions: to hire the competent top management of the Bank; to control the activities of the Bank, including lending and investments, to protect the interests of depositors, creditors and shareholders; to maintain the adequate capitalization level; to monitor the business strategy and fulfillment of the approved business development plans, to monitor profitability, to arrange the functioning of the Internal Audit Department, to approve operational policies to carry out legal, secure and prudent banking activities; to have other functions in the interests of the Bank.