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The goal and objectives of the Corporate Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

The goal of the corporate code of conduct and business ethics (hereinafter “Code”) is to determine Ipak Yuli Bank (hereinafter “the Bank”) the corporate values, business principles and internal rules of employees conduct, aimed at improving the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the Bank business, as well as overall development of the Bank.

The objectives of the Code are as follows:

  • To underline the Bank’s mission and determine the corporate values, common to the Bank shareholders, management, and employees;
  • To underline the main rules on the corporate code of conduct;
  • To create the corporate culture;
  • For the Bank partners and employees to understand general goals and objectives, strategies and means to achieve them;
  • To create an efficient external and internal communication system;
  • To define general principles to avoid any possible conflict of interest;
  • To protect the interests of the Bank shareholders, business partners and employees.