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The Gender Policy / Strategy includes the activities aimed at equal rights, benefits, obligations and opportunities for men and women in all spheres of the society, being implemented to eliminate the sex discrimination.

The main principles of the Gender Policy define the equal rights and freedoms for men and women guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the laws and other legal acts, as well as by the international conventions. It also states that the equal opportunities and improving the status of women in the society are an important prerequisite to reserve the stable development.

The gender strategy of Ipak Yuli Bank guides the Bank to achieve the gender equality and improve the position of women working at the Bank and female clients of the Bank. The goals and objectives indicated in the Gender Policy are mandatory for all employees and units of the Bank.

The Objectives fo the Gender policy

The main goal of Ipak Yuli Bank Gender Policy is to ensure the equal access of both men and women to financial services provided by the bank, and to achieve a balanced representation and participation of male and female employees in the Bank management structure.

In order to apply the gender sensitive approach into the HR policy of the Bank, it is necessary to develop two main areas: to provide equal opportunities to men and women during the hiring process, and increase the female employment rate that means increasing the female labor force demand at the Bank and their career growth competiveness.

The main objectives of the gender activities of Ipak Yuli Bank in terms of HR policy are as follows:

  1. To promote female employment and provide women with adequate hiring and career development terms and conditions;
  2. To create favorable working conditions to combine successful career and family and parental responsibilities, as well as to guarantee the benefits and allowances on pregnancy and childbirth, illnesses and other circumstances;
  3. To ensure the female HR potential development, qualification upgrade and financial education of professional by providing equal access to education training and internships both within the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad.
  4. To achieve equal participation of male / female employees in all activities of the Bank in order to increase their representation at the decision-making level.
  5. To provide women with legal defense in case of conflicts and disputes related to hiring and employment issues.
  6. To increase the gender awareness among the bank employees at all levels and in all regional units;
  7. To design and implement the equal performance incentives for male and female employees.

The main objectives of Ipak Yuli Bank gender related activities in terms of the Client Policy are as follows:

  1. To ensure a high quality service to every Bank customer, regardless of his/her gender;
  2. To ensure for women the equal access to information on bank products and service;
  3. To grant benefits and simplify the requirements on lending procedures and decision-making terms for special social financing projects presented by women;
  4. To ensure that women have more access to information on doing business, taxation and state registration, labor law, market analysis, supply and demand, and competitive advantages;
  5. To provide women with consulting services, especially in rural areas as well as to enhance their decision-making confidence and trust towards banks and banking services.
  6. To implement new products and projects designed to improve women’s financial position.
  7. To provide women with legal support and defense in case of disputes related to banking services.